About Us

Steve and Anita Spencer

Steve and Anita Spencer and their two children live in Sheridan, Indiana, working with pride on farmland that has been in their family since 1838, known as the Kercheval homestead. LocalFolks Foods started as an outgrowth of their innovative, natural farming venture, Homestead Growers, using excess harvest from their mushroom and produce operation. In just a few years, Steve and Anita, along with Paul Skirvin, have created a diverse line of natural and wholesome foods, emphasizing a simple ingredient list, and an identity rooted in the soils and flavors of the Midwest. Steve and Anita continue to lead the growth of the LocalFolks Foods line.

Paul Skirvin

Paul Skirvin, a LocalFolks Foods co-founder and partner, has labored in the fields of organic and natural foods since 1970. Paul’s industry experience includes working produce and as a miller for Fred Rohe at one of the Bay Area’s earliest natural foods stores; produce manager at New Leaf Community Market in Santa Cruz; produce manager and launching a farmers market at Bloomingfoods Co-op in his home town of Bloomington, Ind.; working in Chicago at a leading organic distributor, Goodness Greeness; and learning about value-added food processing at M&D Foods in Columbus, Ind. With this background, Paul has been able to realize his dream of a producing a line of clean, Midwest-sourced and flavorful foods, by linking up with Steve and Anita Spencer to build the LocalFolks Foods brand. Paul currently lives in Chicago and oversees product development, quality control, and is the creative inspiration behind the innovative LocalFolks Foods line.

James Cooper

James Cooper is a North Carolina native and resident, with a BS in Natural Resource Management/Environmental Science and a minor in Leadership Studies from UNC-Wilmington. As a sustainable agricultural specialist and founding member of three organic farming operations, James brings more than 15 years’ experience to LocalFolks Foods in promoting sustainable farming technologies and systems management. His specialization in food logistics, responsible production methods, and commercial USDA organic vegetable production assist with his development and implementation of successful farming programs. Through his years of experience in the field, James has developed an advanced understanding of social and environmental standards in sustainable agriculture, food safety compliance in production systems, retail, post-harvesting handling, and processing and packing houses.

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